2 Mule Plow

2 Mule Plow features arguably the finest collection of Memphis’ bluegrass talent ever assembled.  While most bluegrass groups feature great banjo and mandolin players, 2MP has that, a flat pickin guitar player, and a Dobro player.  They also have 3 lead singers and have been known to add a fiddle player on occasion.  

 Close 3-part harmonies and sizzling instrumentals highlight the show from start to finish.  The group’s song list is also somewhat unique.  A lot of their music has developed through years of playing the Memphis club circuit.  Sure they do most of the traditional bluegrass tunes like everyone else but they have also “bluegrassed” songs by the Beatles, Allman Brothers, Lynard Skynard, Eric Clapton, Elvis, the Grateful Dead, Lyle Lovett, the Boxtops, and Jerry Lee Lewis. 

 2 Mule Plow is at home in a concert setting, a festival, performing arts center, fraternity party, or wedding reception.  Whatever the occasion, you’ll be glad you got em. 

 "...making mountain music out of the blues is a specialty of 2MP.  From Robert Johnson to Django Reinhart, this infectious Memphis-based string band gets you up and jumping."